How to boost the value of your Hybris or Magento e-commerce platform

Regardless of whether you use SAP Hybris or Magento, your main goal as a retailer is to ensure your ecommerce platform is working as hard as your...

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3 common Magento issues holding back your e-commerce growth

Today, Magento powers 12 percent of e-commerce sites and 1.2 percent of the entire internet. That’s a lot of people putting a lot of trust in a...

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How to accelerate your e-commerce development [3 easy steps]

Ninety-five percent of all retail sales will take place on e-commerce platforms by 2040.

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Build a scalable e-commerce platform: The White Company [case study]

There are so many thousands of e-commerce platforms online. But what does real success look like in the online shopping industry? In this blog we...

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How to increase retail sales and business growth with SAP Hybris

When looking to increase your retail sales, it’s not just about advertising more or implementing the latest sales techniques. Sure, you can...

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Hybris vs. Magento vs. Salesforce: Which is the better option? (2019 Update)

It has never been more important for retailers to have a strong e-commerce platform. By 2040, it’s predicted that 95 percent of purchases will be...

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Lessons from the cloud: 3 ways in which digital helped retailers change their retail industry landscape

The retail industry has finally started recognising the transformative role cloud computing has in today’s digital-focused consumer market. It can...

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