What is Microsoft Office 365? 4 things every retailer should know

In the competitive world of retail, providing excellent customer service is crucial to your survival.

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AWS well-architected framework: get the most from your cloud

It’s no longer enough to simply move your workloads into the cloud and forget about them. From reduced costs to increased performance, the cloud...

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What happens when Windows and SQL Server 2008  support ends?

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of deadlines speeding by. If you hadn’t already heard, extended SQL Server 2008 end of life ended in July. And,...

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5 steps every successful onboarding checklist must include

Does your retail business have an employee onboarding checklist?

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3 common Magento issues holding back your e-commerce growth

Today, Magento powers 12 percent of e-commerce sites and 1.2 percent of the entire internet. That’s a lot of people putting a lot of trust in a...

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How to accelerate your e-commerce development [3 easy steps]

Ninety-five percent of all retail sales will take place on e-commerce platforms by 2040.

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Modern desktop management: How to bring true mobility to the retail industry

Is your desktop infrastructure failing to keep pace with your ambitious retail goals?

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3 VDI deployment best practices for digital retailers

The retail experience isn’t rooted to one location anymore. And when businesses embrace this shift in mindset, they unlock the capacity for...

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